Grundtvig Learning Program 2010-2012
Breaking Barriers
Peer Groups for dyslectics


The Finnish Diverse Learners' Association FINDER

Valk&Uil: Dutch dyslexia training en consultancy agency

Talinn University: Department of Special and Social Pedagogy, Estonia

A.I. Impegno Civile: International Association for Civil Commitment, Italy

University of Adana: Turkey

University of Messina: Italy

Dysleksi Forbundit i Norge: Dyslexia Norway

Project Seminars

European Learning Programs are ment to exchange information between European countries.

The project seminar day within a project is an unique moment to learn about each other situation
The Seminar day is open for the public. People who are interested in what the Breaking Barriers project consists of can come. The partners have committed themselves to work on dyslexia and to use and promote peergroups; But in every country there is not the same support for dyslexia. And each partner has there own objective to work on.

How do the partners in Breaking Barriers try to:

  1. spread information about dylexia and diversity in ways of learning, also among adults?
  2. spread information on the method, practices and results achieved with peer learning groups?
  3. assist teachers and other educational staff as well as the educational authorities and administration in education, implementing and promoting the idea of peer learning groups in their areas of work?

The visits give a good insight in the local situation

October 3th, 2010: Helsinki, Finland
Februari 7th, 2011: Adana, Turkey
June 16th, 2011: Talinn, Estonia
September 26th, 2011: Sicily, Italy
April 3th, 2012: Nieuwersluis, the Netherlands
June 26th, 2012: Oslo, Norway