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Talinn University: Department of Special and Social Pedagogy

Talinn University: Department of Special and Social Pedagogy

Tallinn University

Tallinn University is a public institution of higher education. Its main strengths lie in the fields of humanities and social sciences, but it also has a strong and constantly growing component of natural and exact sciences, as well as a notable tradition of teacher training and educational research.

Tallinn University is the third largest university in Estonia, consisting of 18 institutes and 4 colleges. It has more than 9500 students as well as more than 500 faculty members and research fellows, and is the fastest growing university in Estonia. Tallinn University has become one of the biggest organizations of in-service training, offering training to more than 12,000 adult learners annually.

The Department of Special and Social Pedagogy

The Department of Special and Social Pedagogy was created in 1993 due to need to focus on a certain target group within educational sciences.
It means focusing on students who, after graduation, would work with children and adults with special educational needs (SEN) in the areas of prevention of exclusion, individual educational needs and networking.

In recent years the Department of Special and Social Pedagogy in Tallinn University has carried out several studies in prisons, adults schools and workplaces in Estonia.
The main focus has been education of detainees, adults literacy skills, reading difficulties among adults, and social coping.
The Department has very positive examples of cooperation with associations of persons with special needs, and support associations, primarily in providing information about the field and in training, but also in mutual information exchange, and participation in organized events.

Also has positive experiences on working in network of university students with special needs, included university students with dyslexia. In the project we will share our knowledge, experiences and best practices.