Breaking Barriers
Peer Groups for dyslectics


" A.I. Impeno Civile " Italy

International Association for Civil Commitment

The A.I. Impegno Civile is a non-profit organization created in Messina, Italy, in 1988 to protect the rights of the citizens and further local resources both at a social and economic level.
Since its foundation the A.I. Impegno Civile Italy has undertaken several activities aiming at developing the civil and democratic awareness in the fight against the organized crime and the spreading practice of corruption; awakening the public opinion to social problems such as drug, alcohol and AIDS, dyslexia etc.; fostering art and culture.

However, the organisation is mainly engaged in combating unemployment, especially in the regions of Sicily, Calabria and Puglia.
This fight is carried on by fostering human resources and investing on professional qualification, permanent training, development of the enterprise culture, preservation of traditional local jobs and of the cultural and artistic heritage.

Among them it is important to include 25 professional training courses - co-funded by the European Social Fund - in addition to two projects linked to the P.O.M. and two linked to the P.I.C. "Employment ", Volet Youthstart and Volet Now.
This qualified about 550 unemployed young people in Sicily, Calabria and Puglia who can then get into the new job market.
Being in charge of these courses allows the Association to enjoy an effective collaboration with advisors, professionals and experts in different fields and to strengthen working relationships with University Institutes and bodies for professional training that are known nationwide, Moral Bodies, companies and professional associations. AIIC work in disadvantaged areas in the South of Italy.
We have participants with specific needs (unemployed, participants at risk of social exclusion, migrants, people with some handicap, old people, people with dyslexia or dyscalculia etc.).