Breaking Barriers
Peer Groups for dyslectics


Cukurova Universitesi, E?itim Fakultesi, Almanca Bolumu

Cukurova University, Adana Turkey

Cukurova University, founded in 1973, occupies a foremost place among other Turkish universities with its 10 faculties, 1 state conservatory, 3 colleges, 9 vocational colleges, 3 institutes and 29 research and application centers.

The university, with its 1909 member teaching staff, offers courses to over 32.700 undergraduate, post graduate and doctorate students.
The university consists of 10 faculties (with 80 undergraduate programs), 3 graduate schools (with 64 post-graduate programs), 3 colleges (with 4 undergraduate programs), 9 vocational colleges (with 23 vocational programs) and YADIM (Foreign Languages Research and Application Center where both undergraduate and post-graduate students are taught English), and a state conservatory.

Faculty of Education was founded in 1982 and embodies three colleges: Iskenderun, Tarsus, and Adana Foreign Languages.
It started with 16 lecturers in its foundation year, and now has 95 academic staff members. The faculty specifically aims to train teachers for institutions of elementary, secondary and higher education. Students receive preparatory language education in related foreign languages in the faculty Departments of English, French and German.
Being a teacher training institution, our main responsibility is to train teachers for pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools. These institutions are places where children with dyslexia can be spotted for the first time. Therefore, awareness raised among the prospective teachers and teacher trainers is crucial. A similar awareness raising process will be carried out among the parents of the students in a close collaboration with the decision makers from the local office of Ministry of Education in Adana.

Adana, being the fourth biggest city inTurkey, attracts an influx of immigrants from the surrounding regions. Since most of these immigrants are uneducated and underqualified, their children, as well as their parents, need special attention.

We are particularly planning to hold seminars to spread information about dyslexia in piloting schools inviting all stakeholders such as teachers, parents to be determined through a field research, and decision makers. For this purpose, we are going to invite professionals from the Faculty of Education and the department of child psychiatry.