Grundtvig Learning Program 2010-2012
Breaking Barriers
Peer Groups for dyslectics


The Finnish Diverse Learners' Association FINDER

Valk&Uil: Dutch dyslexia training en consultancy agency

Talinn University: Department of Special and Social Pedagogy, Estonia

A.I. Impegno Civile: International Association for Civil Commitment, Italy

University of Adana: Turkey

University of Messina: Italy

Dysleksi Forbundit i Norge: Dyslexia Norway

Winner Dutch International Award 2012

Adult education with an international dimension


For the project


Within the Breaking Barriers Grundtvig project, Valk&Uil (Falcon & Owl) has focused on adult dyslectics and teachers in the prison system. Among prisoners is dyslexia three times more frequently found than average and this dyslexia is a major bottleneck in their reintegration into society.

Central point in the learning partnership was that dyslectics learn differently and that besides difficulties there are also possibilities and abilities. By taking this approach as a starting point, both the detainees and the teachers can remove many obstacles and see opportunities.

Dyslectics, even those who live within prison walls, can benefit from curriculum and teaching methods that suit their own learning style. Peer learning is an important pillar: Teachers were asked to share experiences and provide each other with tips on how to deal with (possibly) dyslectic "clients". This approach is in the partner countries successfully tested. Breaking Barriers in the Netherlands led to the pilot 'Support of dyslectic detainees course (title: become better at what you do best/ " now called: ALIPPE dyslexia course), This course has been piloted in three Dutch prisons.

The jury attached great importance to the way Breaking Barriers approaches dyslexia. She was excited about the successful efforts of Valk&Uil to bring the subject of dyslexia under the spotlight within the prison system and about the pilot being performed. She appreciated the shape through the method of peer learning the process of 'learning differently' in the penal institutions. Because of these reasons, Valk&Uil deserved the Learn for Life International Prize 2012.

The price was offered to Jan van Nuland (Valk&Uil) and Annet Bakker(DJI) by the member of parlement ms. Kathleen Ferrier

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